Home Haunter Videos Assistance Program.

We know that sometimes money is tight and you can't always buy the things you want because of  budget limits.   We feel that anyone who contributed to the DVD set deserves to own a copy.  We also want any home haunter out there to also have the chance to see other haunters videos even if buying a set might not be in their budget.

So we've set aside a certain number of DVD sets that we will give away at no cost.    All you have to do is contact us and tell us your story and why you deserve one of these sets and if we determine the request legitimate we will ship  you a copy at no cost.  PLEASE, this is a serious offer so only respond with serious requests.  If you or someone you know of needs a copy of this DVD set but can't afford it for whatever reason let us know and we will do what we can.

Send an email with the following information

Real Full Name
Your age
Home Telephone Number
Mailing Address
Reason you can't purchase the DVD set
Why you want a copy of the DVD set